Updates coming soon

Each author can choose between the different online participation methods:
Option 1 Live participation
250 euro (+ VAT)
• Publication of IOP
• Live presentation online through the use of the platform with respect to a second program that will be established on the basis of the adhesions.
Option 2 Web participation
150 euro (+ VAT)
• Publication of IOP
• Presentation through a video or ppt with audio that will be published on the conference website and on our social channels. (deadline to send videos and ppt: 2 september)

Option 3 Pre-registration 2021
Freezing quota already paid for next edition 2021. The call for 2021 will be sent immediately after the online edition.

We kindly ask to all authors to send an email to with the option chosen no later than Friday 3 July 2020, to be able to evaluate each registration case by case and we apologize for the changes