Our 2024 Sponsors

As a leading company in measurement and testing, the mission of SINT Technology is to offer tailor-made solutions to its customers.
When flexibility is needed, we provide support to companies operating worldwide in several industrial sectors, ensuring quality of services, fast response and the expertise of our technicians.
SINT Technology is a trusted partner and a centre of excellence recognized by the Italian Accreditation Body ACCREDIA.
Continuous improvement in research and innovation make our solutions the state of the art in experimental testing and in the production of measurement  systems.

A team of managers characterised by significant experience in top positions of large companies and SMEs.
A team of highly qualified experts, professionals constantly at work, able to provide specific answers to questions related to the various areas of corporate activity.
We focus on providing a shared and comprehensive management consulting service, all the way to full success.
Specialists from a variety of sectors with proven professional experience who can guarantee our clients a concrete and reliable service also thanks to the possession of soft skills that are indispensable today, such as communication, listening, flexibility and problem solving skills.

Newtec is a leading manufacturer of weighing, packing and sorting machinery primarily for the fruit and vegetable industry. With more than 20,000 successful installations over the last 45 years, we have maintained our position as a reputable worldwide company. At Newtec, we pride ourselves on the ability to design solutions that meet your specific needs by combining our machines and the latest technology in new and innovative ways.
At Newtec, we focus on quality and long-lasting relationships when designing and manufacturing our machines. In order to meet the increasing demands of the industry, Newtec has formed partnerships with other leading manufacturers. Together, we deliver industry leading solutions – all purchased, installed and serviced from a partner near you.

Opus Instruments are the team behind the Apollo and Osiris cameras, world leaders in the field of infrared reflectography (IRR). Our cameras have been used to examine thousands of artworks at leading auction houses, galleries, conservation studios and educational establishments worldwide making notable contributions within the fields of art conservation, preservation, restoration and art authentication.
In 2016, Opus joined forces with another member of SDI Plc, Atik Cameras, the leading European manufacturer of CCD cameras used in scientific and astronomy imaging.

The Nanomaterials group from University of Cadiz (Spain) develops advanced nanomaterials to preserve Cultural Heritage buildings and other architectural elements for 25 years. In the last years, our research has been focused on:

  • Producing high durability superhydrophobic treatments with high penetration and affinity with substrates.
  • Changing paradigms for Cultural Heritage preservation by combining hydrophobic performance with superhydrophilic superficial behaviours.
  • Developing specific technologies for concrete and other cementitious materials by producing, in situ, C-S-H gel, the main component of the cement matrix.
  • Creating multifunctional treatments with consolidant, superhydrophobic, self-cleaning, antifouling and depolluting performances.